Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Feels Like the First Time

I finally realized yesterday and today that I've done something I haven't done in quite awhile.

Ladies and gentlemen....I've made progress.

Progress. PROGRESS!!!!

In my struggles with IC/PFD and vulvodynia I have found very little to be helpful other than just not doing anything...and even that is not helpful. This weekend, though I had bouts of pain and fatigue, I finally realized that I'm not in the same ballpark of pain that I was before. I was able to have sex and not be completely debilitated afterwards. And while that may be personal and not a big issue to some, it's a HUGE issue for me.

I think the combination of everything I've been doing is FINALLY helping. Here's what I've been doing that I feel contributes to my progress:
1. Physical therapy. Without it, this progress would be nonexistent.
2. Switch from Lyrica to Neurotonin. I've had relief much quicker.
3. TENS Unit. I actually decided to get a home unit and I'm using it quite a bit--every other day or so. It helps a lot.

I'm nowhere near done with this and there will be setbacks along the way, but it's so nice for ONCE to be moving forward instead of backwards. It's a small step for some, but a giant leap for Mekind.

Now if I could only move forward in other health-related areas. This is inspiration though.


a woman in pain said...

You've inspired me to read more about Lyrica vs Norontin. There are a lot more side effects associated with Lyrica and in the year that I've been on it I've gained about 30 pounds. That's on top of the car accident and the endless memory problems.

I'm seeing my doctor next week to see if he'll let me try Norontin. I know that he prescribes it as an alternative to Lyrica.