Monday, March 17, 2008

The Body Chronic on Vacation: Vegas Style

That's right folks! This week The Body Chronic is taking a much needed break in Las Vegas! It'll be interesting to see how my trip there with a chronic body compares to my trip last time with fewer chronic problems.

I'll be blogging from Vegas, though the Daily and Weekend Inspiration might be behind (as it is today and this weekend due to me preparing for vacation and working more often). I think it's going to be a fun little experiment into traveling (something I love to do) in The Body Chronic (something I can't seem to get rid of).

Things I anticipate being an issue this time:
1. Flying--airplane seats and long flights. Not fun for anyone, but less fun for a fat girl with chronic illnesses.
2. Drinking--the one thing that I love most about Vegas is the unabashed love of alcohol that accompanies each trip. Will that change this time?
3. Walking--I'll admit it, I've always been lazy, but will the walks between mega-resorts on the Strip seem more painful now?
4. Packing--I'm a little more needy these days in terms of clothes and personal items.

I'm sure there will be more, but we'll face those as they come. I am ready for a break from work and life in general.