Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pain is a funny thing

Since I've been getting some improvement from my meds, PT and stim machine, it was quite the shock to be in more of a constant pain this week. Now granted, it's the week of my period and for those of you with PFD, IC, or vulvodynia you know that this is pretty much the worst week ever. But I was just kind of taken by surprise with it all. I've had minor issues and issues I can work through but nothing like some of the stuff I've experienced this week since before January.

It also reminded me how much being in pain sucks the energy right out of you. Again, it makes sense, but when you've made progress, the regression is a bigger tumble than before.

And I pray that this is a temporary set back and have convinced myself it is, but if it's still around next week there's going to be a big bout of complaining on my part, and the thought of that also exhausts me.

I can't seem to tell if I'm more upset about the pain in and of itself or the fact that it was gone for awhile and is now back. Maybe both. Probably more of the latter.

Such is life when you live in the Body Chronic.


Sandy said...

I can relate with you about the week of the Big P. That is always the week I'm the Big B! IC makes it 10 times worse.