Monday, June 9, 2008

Debt Puts Your Body in a Crunch

This is no shocker to me (and nor should it be to anyone who reads this blog), but a recent poll shows that debt can negatively affect health. For example:

Among the people reporting high debt stress in the new poll:

• 27 percent had ulcers or digestive tract problems, compared with 8 percent of those with low levels of debt stress.

• 44 percent had migraines or other headaches, compared with 15 percent.

• 29 percent suffered severe anxiety, compared with 4 percent.

• 23 percent had severe depression, compared with 4 percent.

• 6 percent reported heart attacks, double the rate for those with low debt stress.

• More than half, 51 percent, had muscle tension, including pain in the lower back. That compared with 31 percent of those with low levels of debt stress.

Not so suprisingly:
Indeed, the survey found that upwardly mobile, middle-class families were among those who had the most debt stress. Others were women, couples with small children, low-income working families, Democrats and those who graduated high school but haven't taken college courses. Those least likely to be stressed from debt include men, retirees, empty nesters, college graduates and Republicans.
Not good news at all, but at least we're not alone.