Monday, July 28, 2008

What to do when chronic conditions haunt you?

I've had a bit of a relapse.

I don't know what to peg this on. I could say that the impending purchase of a home and a closing date in less than three weeks gives me heartache. I could say that work has been busier than normal. I could blame it on the heat. But none of those seem entirely true. Yet at the same time, I don't know what caused this relapse.

In the past week I've had the following symptoms attributable to at least one if not more of my chronic conditions:

  • fatigue
  • pelvic pain
  • vulvar pain
  • irritable bowels
  • back pain
  • headaches
  • frequent urination
It's as if my body's defenses have taken a summer vacation and left me to rot.

Though I'd like to end this post with some sort of creative way to get through a flare up like this, I don't think I have one. In fact, I'm planning on vegging out on my couch tonight for the better part of the evening. Maybe I need more of that. Maybe I need less. In any event, I don't know what else to do when all else fails.

Progress is a funny thing, isn't it? You don't always know what it truly means until it's eroded.


Anonymous said...

You are not alone! We are actually in the very same place. For much of the summer my fatigue had lifted, my pain had calmed, I've been happy and energetic. But a week ago, the fatigue came crashing back along with more of the pain. Is there something in the air? Sometimes, it's ok to rest, meditate, be calm.