Monday, January 14, 2008

Pumping Iron

I've had trouble with multivitamins in the past. So I consulted my father in law (who is a retired pharmacist and also has Type II diabetes) about what vitamins to take with metformin. In a car-problem-induced trip to the mall, I stopped by GNC and picked up the following:

B-50 Complex (as metformin blocks B vitamin absorption)
B-12 Tablets (see above)
Chromium 400 mcg tablets (helps insulin levels)
Cinnamon capsules (helps insulin/glucose levels)

I've taken cinnamon before, but the others are new. I keep telling my husband that I'm going to get all tough like metal from the chromium. I took them yesterday and forgot this morning. But then i thought that it might be good to take them at bed time anyhow as they may cause some nausea.

I was thinking about adding Vitamin D as Vitamin D deficiency could be the cause of some of my exhaustion. We'll see how this goes.

I didn't know until this weekend that cinnamon is an "oriental herb" (according to the GNC bottle). Apparently it's true. Who knew? I never associated cinnamon with anything Asian. Well, I'll be damned.